At Kelsey Canine, we believe in the power of wellness! Early detection of diseases goes a long way in helping to treat them. This is why we encourage dog owners to have a complete yearly physical for their dog. Our Annual Physical Packages include: a comprehensive physical examination by the veterinarian, routine lab work to monitor major organ function (just like what you have at the doctor!), a heart-worm test, an intestinal parasite screen (fecal test), and your dog’s necessary vaccinations. We believe in not over-vaccinating our patients, and utilize a 3-year rotating schedule of core vaccines. To encourage the best possible care, we recommend our senior patients (those 7 years of age and older) receive a second physical exam during the year in order to maximize the possibility of early detection. Click here for information about our Wellness Plans, which allow you to make monthly payments for your dog’s preventative healthcare.