Senior Wellness Plans

Every dog has a unique set of needs. We offer an array of plan options to choose from that can be personalized to meet your dog's needs. What's even better, Wellness Plans are good for your puppy and your wallet.

Senior Gold Plan

Our senior gold plan includes a biannual along with an annual wellness exam, core vaccines, boosters, and more extensive biannual lab tests necessary to help protect and detect illness and disease early.

Senior Platinum Plan

Our senior platinum plan is our most comprehensive plan, which ensures we're looking at the types of diseases and conditions that affect dogs in the senior stages of their lives. This plan also includes our routine dental cleaning package.

Plan Breakdown

Senior Gold
Senior Platinum
$40 examination co-pay (unlimited)
Annual physical exam
Annual wellness lab work
Thyroid screening
Heartworm test
Intestinal parasite screening (fecal)
Distemper/Parvo vaccine
Rabies vaccine
Bordetella vaccine
Complimentary nail trim (x2)
12 months Heartworm prevention
Biannual physical exam
Biannual lab work & urinalysis
Dental cleaning (up to 90 days after exam)
Dental digital radiographs
Dental sedation
Dental IV catheter/fluids
Dental anesthesia induction
Dental anesthesia maintenance
Dental anesthesia monitoring
Outpatient dental recovery

Membership fees and discounts

Fee/Discount Type
Senior Gold
Senior Platinum
Initial membership fee
Multiple-dog discount
Monthly payment
Flea & Tick Prevention Discount

Restrictions/Additional Fees

  • The dog must be healthy to enroll in any wellness plan.

  • Additional fees apply for vaccines not listed above (ex: leptospirosis)

  • Additional dental work (ex: extractions) are not included in any plan.

  • If the dental cleaning is not scheduled within 90 days of the annual exam, additional charges for pre-anesthetic lab work will apply.

  • Plans are non-transferable.

How to Enroll

To enroll in any of our Wellness Plans please fill out the Pre-Enrollment Form found here. Once you have that form filled out, bring it with you to your next appointment, or just drop it by the clinic at your convenience!​

Have questions or concerns? No problem! Give us a shout at 901-861-2275 via text or call, or email us at