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Should your dog require surgery, you can rest assured that he will receive the utmost care from our doctor and staff. We perform pre-operative lab work to ensure that patients are healthy enough for surgery. Our surgical suite was designed with the canine patient in mind and includes a heated surgery table. All of our surgery patients receive IV fluids to maintain normal blood pressure, as well as a pain management regimen appropriate for the surgery being performed. We use human-grade anesthetics to induce and maintain anesthesia.  Our entire staff delivers consistent, compassionate care to your canine as he recovers and spends the day with us at the clinic - extra cuddles included! We can also provide referrals to surgical specialists for orthopedic & specialized surgeries. 

Memphis dog surgery

Routine & Elective 

We can perform a wide range of surgical procedures from spays & neuters to preventative surgeries. Check out our offerings below.

- Spay & Neuter

- Cosmetic Procedures

- Laceration Repair/ Wound Care

- Growth/Mass Removal

- Gastropexy

- Exploratory Gastro & Enterotomy 

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