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5 Tips for Buying a Puppy this Holiday Season From Dr. K

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Thinking of expanding the family with a four-legged friend this holiday season? You're not alone! The best time to get a puppy is when you have some free time in order to get you and your new pup adjusted to each other. For most people, that time is over the holidays. Once you've decided that a dog is a good fit for you there are a couple more things to consider before jumping in feet first. Here are some tips from Dr. Kelsey himself when it comes to buying a puppy during the holidays:

  1. Don't be deceived by the cuteness! - ALL PUPPIES ARE CUTE. Period. So, it's very hard to say no to a cute little puppy face. Be sure that you don't get wrapped up in the cuteness of a puppy! The cutest breed isn't always the best breed for your family. Temperament is the most important thing to take into account.

  2. The 6 week rule! - Puppies should not be taken from their mom before 6 weeks! This can very much affect how the dog socializes with other dogs in the future. In fact, Dr. Kelsey recommends getting a puppy when they 8 or 9 weeks old.

  3. Avoid impulse buying! - Just because everyone is getting a puppy doesn't mean you need to get one right away! Choosing the right breed for you or your family takes time and research.

  4. Do your research! - This cannot be stressed more! Each breed is unique and comes with its own health risk & temperment issues. A pug might be a great fit for a less active family, but they tend to have breathing issues due to their snouts. A boxer would be great for someone who likes to go, go, go, and take their buddy with them wherever, however they are prone to get mast cells tumors (cancer).

  5. Avoid parking-lot breeders! - Not one reputable breeder will meet you in a parking lot to hand off a puppy. They will want you to see their facility and sometimes you will even get to meet the parents. Getting a luxury breed on the cheap should throw up some red flags!

So, as you can see there is a lot of research and preparation to do before getting a puppy. Feeling overwhelmed or have any questions? Feel free to give us a shout by commenting below or texting us at 901-861-BARK!

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